How we achieve faster product delivery

Tortoise, hare or both?

It's no secret that we are striving to be the fastest delivery agent for access credentials supplies in Canberra and surrounding areas but how are we able to achieve such a highly sort after attribute in a busy environment?


Ok so excuse the candid photo above, it was a spur of the moment thing but really our operations is pretty small so far but we're growing rapidly in reputation within the strata management industry.

Our Vision

As with all great ideas, it started with listening to our clients. We were told time and time again that they were sick of waiting for cards and remotes from other suppliers for weeks and then there were other implications surrounding the purchase such as

"everyone had to have their remotes reprogrammed"


"a staff member can only be out there at X time".... 

Jason (the founder of Blitz Security) said "Enough" and went into his thinking dome until he emerged with a revelation. 

The idea was to revolutionise the market and provide access credentials at a great price and faster than anyone else could do.

The Process

It took some trial and error but we eventually found a product we were happy with and a mechanism we could manufacture most of the process in-house to give us the results needed by our clients.

We currently source our hardware items direct from the manufacturers and assemble the remotes and chips on our premises in Mitchell. Here we can print cards, assemble and program remotes and RFID tags.

We ensure there is enough stock for each of our residential strata's so that we can quickly dispatch when you purchase and we bulk upload the card ID's into our access control systems remotely heavily reducing costly labor.

The Results

As we've heard from our clients (strata management agents and residents) our turnaround is waaaaaay faster than the competition and our service is second to none. 

We are able to achieve this through stringent monitoring and prediction algorithms .... in other words, the more you use us the better we get at ensuring we have the right amount of stock available at the right time of the year. 

If we see spikes at certain times of the year we'll ensure we have enough stock available for you to keep our KPI's on point and you looking like a super star to your strata residents.


I hope this has been enlightening and if there is anything you feel we can do better, please don't hesitate to ask.

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