How we operate ensures expectations are managed appropriately, let's discuss

In any relationship, communication is key and we're no different you and I. We are responsible for telling you how we operate and you need to know this in order to properly inform your clients.

So I'm going to break down how we operate when you order cards, remotes, fobs etc from us just so we're all on the same page.

Oh and in the spirit of evolving, please don't think this is set in stone, if you have ideas please let us know as we want to make our already great products and services even better.

Here we go... 

When you jump on our site and order swipe cards, remotes, fobs or mobile credentials we immediately set the squirrels in motion. 

1. We generally will have an idea of volume required for client/strata client so we ensure we have a steady supply of pre-programmed items ready to go but if we don't have any stock then we'll program a batch of cards, remotes etc from our office in Mitchell.

NOTE: All cards and remotes will have generic access to all floors in the building so that your clients aren't waiting for programming to occur and they can collect and go without delay.

2. We'll schedule a task to deliver the items to you asap. One of our techs will drop them off to you usually the next day.

3. Once delivered we'll wait for your email to let us know what cards you have allocated to which unit number. If you need help with this please see our predefined template here -->

4. We'll remotely program your allocated cards in the the building access control system. When you send us the list is up to you, if it's easier to send weekly or monthly then please do but don't forget otherwise your residents will have access to all areas! 

programming garage remotes by a monkey

We hope that helps with your process... 

OH and don't forget, for any reported lost or stolen cards please email asap and we'll disable them immediately. 

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