How to check if your card or door reader is working properly

Thankfully having your card or reader stop working is a rare occurrence but when something happens it’s hard to know when your card is faulty or your doors card reader is at fault.

Here are some easy ways to check before you report an incident to your strata manager. 

Does the card reader have any power - lights?

Our card readers will have a blue/purple light when powered, this will turn green when an allowed card is presented. If there’s no lights it’s a good chance the power has been cut from that reader. Please check any other readers to make sure there isn’t a system wide outage and report to your strata representative.

There are lights, but does it give any beeps when a prox is presented?

So you have lights on the reader, that’s great - there’s power. But does it read your card? Present your card to the reader, what kind of audible sound does it make?

Generally speaking:

1 long beep = User/Prox Not Recognized

2 short beeps = User/Prox Access Granted

3+ short beeps = User/Prox Access Denied

If any of the first two of the above, the door is fine but  your card requires programming - contact your strata representative.

If we have a ‘User/Prox Access Granted’ scenario, but the door does not unlock, then we have an issue with the lock or door mechanism - contact your strata representative.

In any case if you’re unsure, please contact your strata representative and a technician will be dispatched to review.


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